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Jan 23

Jeremiah: Family trees

By Mark Morgan | Family trees , Jeremiah

Family trees: Jeremiah

Family trees

The Bible reports the lives of many families, and God portrays himself as a father who invites people to be his children.

The people of Israel are called by that name because Jacob was given the name “Israel” by God – their name comes from the behaviour of their ancestor almost 4,000 years ago.[1] Continue reading

Oct 25

Jeremiah’s family and genealogy

By Mark Morgan | Family trees , Jeremiah

Jeremiah's family and genealogy: ”A special breastplate was made for the high priest“ by Sweet Publishing/ Slide 29 Licence: CC-BY-SA-3.0 Sweet Publishing / (

Jeremiah’s family

Jeremiah was a prophet, but he was also a priest.[1] Was he the son of the High Priest? What was Jeremiah’s genealogy? At the start of his book, Jeremiah is described as the son of Hilkiah,[2] and we know that there was a High Priest called Hilkiah in the time of Jeremiah. In references to him, he is called Hilkiah the priest[3] or Hilkiah the High Priest[4] rather than mentioning what his father’s name was, as was a common way of distinguishing between people with the same name. Only in the genealogy of the high priests do we find that his father’s name was Shallum. This consistent use of the name Hilkiah without saying who he was the son of suggests that saying he was a priest was enough to uniquely identify him. Continue reading