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Jan 02

Jeremiah: Maps and Locations

By Mark Morgan | Jeremiah , Maps

Maps make me feel more at home. I like Bibles with maps; I like text books with maps; I like novels with maps. Maps help me to know where a character, or a story, is headed – whether it is Paul on his missionary journeys or the hero of a novel.

Until now, I have not produced any maps related to the series Terror on Every Side! because it seemed too difficult to include all the places of interest when some are only a hundred metres apart while others are scattered over thousands of kilometres.

This article is a list of places of interest in the story of the life of Jeremiah, and they are grouped in categories from the smallest area (Jerusalem) to the largest area (the Middle East). Two of the maps have now been finished and are included below. The other (the map of Jerusalem) is also included below in its current form, but I am still working on it, so it may be updated.Continue reading