“Paul In Snippets” by Mark Morgan

A new novelette based closely on the Bible descriptions of the life of Saul of Tarsus – renamed Paul.  Through three exhausting missionary journeys, a dangerous trip to Rome as a prisoner, and several years spent in prison because of vindictive enemies, we marvel at the stamina and determination of this man who could never do enough to repay Jesus for his grace and forgiveness.

Snippets from the life of Paul the Apostle pasted on to a framework of the Acts of the Apostles.



God’s work is done by earthquakes, visions and many other means. A vision had brought Paul and Silas to Philippi, and now an earthquake had given salvation to the jailer and his family.


The jailer was baptised that night.


Jew, Pharisee, envoy of the High Priest, servant of Jesus of Nazareth, Roman citizen and prisoner of Rome.  Paul from Tarsus was all of these things and much, much, more.

Expansive in vision, hardworking in business, tireless in travel, peerless in preaching, prolific in writing, endless in encouragement, patient in suffering.  A life of change and growth.

This is Paul.

Short snippets from the life of Paul the Apostle pasted on to a framework of the Acts of the Apostles.





Paul In Snippets by Mark Morgan

$5 (AUD)

  • eBook in PDF, EPUB or MOBI format
  • 10,000 words (109 pages in PDF)
  • The life of the Apostle Paul in short snippets
  • Each snippet lists Bible references
  • Written in a day – to be read in two hours!





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