Money-Back Guarantee

Our “But that’s wrong!” Money-Back Guarantee

"slouching man reading paper" by johnny-automatic ( you have read much Bible-based fiction, you may have experienced the jarring feeling that the author has made a mistake.

Bible-based fiction is different from most other fiction because it is built on a framework of detailed facts.  A science fiction author can freely present a story that invents characters, re-writes history, describes amazing inventions and makes us feel at home living on Mars.  The Bible-based fiction produced by Bible Tales Online is not like that.

Rest assured, we don’t want our stories to be boring! – but we do want you to have confidence that Bible Tales stories are built as accurately as possible on the word of God.

In our stories, we don’t want to give anyone reason to respond, “But that’s wrong!  That’s not what the Bible says!”

So we have crafted a special money-back guarantee for people who care about the Bible.

We call it our “But that’s wrong!” Money-Back Guarantee.

A guarantee with a difference

"Money Back Guarantee Sticker" by vectorportal (, we believe that the word of God spells out the way of life. So we give you an unusual money-back guarantee: if, within one year of purchase, you find any detail in any of our eBook or paperback stories that does not match the statements of the Bible, let us know the detail and the Bible passage that contradicts it, and we will give you your money back – then we will fix the story. Note that in some cases our stories may contain details that contradict one passage to fit with another passage, but in these cases, the reasoning will be explained in footnotes – or you can have your money back.


  1. This money-back guarantee applies only to eBooks or paperbacks purchased directly from Bible Tales Online.
  2. Audiobooks are excluded from this guarantee because they do not include footnotes.
  3. Some of our paperbacks may come with printed lists of errata if this is necessary to fix such problems in existing printed stock.
  4. The money-back guarantee is limited to the price paid for 5 copies for any one customer.

Any corrections made to stories after claims under this money-back guarantee will flow through to new book purchases made from other distributors, but this can take some time.