Fiction Favours the Facts – Book 3

Fiction Favours the Facts – Book 3

Another book of of Bible-based fiction

Coming, God willing, on Tuesday, 20 October 2020.

Fiction Favours the Facts – Book 3

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22 more micro-tales from three authors:

  • Mark Morgan – An author who has read and loved the Bible for more than 50 years and has been telling its stories for many years as a lay preacher, Sunday School teacher and father.
  • Cathy Morgan – Two exciting short stories about Old Testament heroes Elijah and Jonah – stories that flow from the questions many a careful Bible reader will ask themselves as they muse.
  • Laura Morgan – A new, young voice of story-telling who can bring the faith of believers to life. Laura began reading the Bible at an early age and revels in imagining the details the Bible doesn’t tell us.

How did Sarah feel when she became pregnant for the first time in her 90s?

What were the special circumstances that caused 5 sisters to be given their father’s inheritance?

After the centurion who supervised the crucifixion announced that Jesus was the Christ, did he do anything about his discovery?

Bible-based fiction

Bible Tales Online is dedicated to bringing the events and people of the Bible to life through fact-based fiction.

We accept the Bible as fact; the events it recounts as history. However, the Bible includes limited resolution snapshots of the lives it reports, and the events it describes are often painted with very broad brush-stokes indeed. Much is left to the imagination of the reader.

Our authors use their imagination to sketch out a possible version of the life and times of some of these historical characters, in the hope that our readers can get to know them as real people – people like us.

This new collection of short Bible-based stories examines these questions and many others, touching the lives of Moses, David, Elijah, Jonah, Josiah and Daniel, often through the eyes of people who knew them. Eleven stories from the Old Testament are matched with eleven stories in the New Testament and the complete list is shown below.


Old Testament

  1. Mother-to-be
  2. On dry ground (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
  3. I was just thinking…
  4. My son – given to God
  5. Obed-edom (Parts 1 & 2)
  6. The God of Big Things (Parts 1 & 2 by Cathy Morgan)
  7. What I have vowed, I will pay (by Cathy Morgan)
  8. The Prophetess and the Book
  9. Passover Preparations
  10. Habakkuk’s Complaints
  11. Fingers of fear (Parts 1 & 2)

New Testament

  1. Anna (Parts 1-5)
  2. Preparing the way
  3. A Samaritan Wedding
  4. Drink my blood
  5. A thankful Samaritan
  6. Why won’t she help?
  7. The plot that failed
  8. Guarding the dying
  9. The Tale of Tabitha (by Laura Morgan)
  10. Outrage!
  11. One wet night (Parts 1 & 2)

Selected excerpts…

Old Testament stories


“It’s really rather embarrassing: I’m an old woman, yet here I am expanding like a young wife only recently wed!

My husband, Abraham, is ridiculously happy and, I must confess, so am I. Both of us just start laughing from time to time for no apparent reason and whenever we do, the other one will start laughing too. My oldest servant says we are just behaving like a pair of excited newly-weds, and maybe we are. But we have a very good reason to do so.”

On dry ground

“Slowly we made our way down to the beach, and then, at last, the faint light from that pillar showed what was happening: the water had opened up. It was like looking along a canyon where the walls were made of water. And down into the canyon were marching all the people of Israel, our entire nation. There were people of all ages, young and old, many leading or driving sheep and goats or cattle. As I peered further into the gloom, I could see just how far in front the line of people stretched – down, down, down, far below the level of the water. It was an incredible sight: completely unbelievable. I could even see some carts down there, pulled by slow-moving oxen. My life over the last few months has been full of strange experiences, but this was the strangest of them all. It was just light enough to see, but still dark enough to make it all seem as if it might be a dream. A dimly visible column of people stretched far ahead of us into the middle of the Red Sea, with walls of water towering above them on either side, but none of it touching any of them.”

I was just thinking...

“But everyone knew that inheritance went through the men of the family. It was sad, but Zelophehad had missed out badly when he had all daughters and no sons.

At that moment, Noah and her sisters decided that they were not willing to allow that to happen without a fight. Father deserved that they at least make an effort to ensure that he didn’t slip from the memory of the nation, the tribe or the clan.

They started the official wheels turning, and within days, the echoes of their question had reverberated even in the ears of Moses. A time was set for this extraordinary question to be considered by Moses, Eleazar the priest and the leaders of the congregation. It was to be an open hearing: anyone could be present to listen, and many took an interest in this strange situation.”

The God of Big Things

“I always thought of God as the God of big things: nations and armies; earthquakes, floods and other disasters. After all, he is infinite and all-powerful! I’ve only gradually come to realise that he is a God of small things too.

Of course, it should have been obvious: a quick look at a flower or an insect shows such amazing design and complexity that it is obvious that the creator took pains with even the smallest of details in his work.”

New Testament stories


“At times through my life, God has spoken to me, so that some call me “Anna the prophetess”, but today he showed me his work without saying a word. A little child, a cute and delightful baby, was brought to the temple today. He looked like just the sort of baby Samuel and I dreamed of having, but could not have, so long ago.

Almost 6 weeks old, he was smiling and happy, and his parents, a thoughtful but joyous couple, were just the same. They had brought him to the temple at the time for purification of his mother and to present him to God as was commanded for all firstborn sons.”

Preparing the Way

“That very day, I met a man who had heard of John’s teachings and had come in the hope of receiving help. He was poorer than I, and had no cloak. So I put what I had learned into practice, and gave him my cloak – after all, I had another at home and would not die of cold before I got there. It was a simple action, but I knew that it would help a man who needed help, and please God. And pleasing God was more important to me then than it ever had been before.”

A Samaritan Wedding

‘“You’re way too worried about religion,” I answered. “Can’t you see that it’s just a way for people to try and control you?”

“I’m sure that you’re right about a lot of religion, but somewhere there has to be a God who created us; humans can’t make that up!”

“I suppose not. So what did he tell you?”

“He told me a lot about worshipping the Father in spirit and in truth. He seemed to be suggesting that this worship needs to replace the sort of worship that is based on having a big argument about where we should worship. I think his point might have been that how we worship is more important than where we worship. He was saying that God – sorry, ‘the Father’ – wants us to worship him because we understand him, not just for appearance.”’

The Tale of Tabitha

‘“And I feel… younger, too,” Tabitha said slowly. She looked wonderingly at Peter. “Praise the Lord! If — if anyone needs anything I can do….” She did not have to finish her sentence.

“Praise the Lord,” I repeated even as I smiled at her words, and I wasn’t the only one. It was such a typical Tabitha reaction. That she was well again delighted me, not from any sense of personal gain but because I wanted her to be well. And she clearly was. She looked younger, stronger, happier.

She had been dead, and now she was alive again. Our tears of grief, not yet dry, became tears of joy.’


Everyone wants to enjoy stories in different ways: some like to curl up in bed with a paperback book, others revel in reading on a laptop or Kindle, while to others, hearing the words is best. With this collection we have all your needs covered: paperback, eBook and audiobook will all be available.

Fiction Favours the Facts – Book 3 (paperback)

Fiction Favours the Facts Book 3 Audio Cover

The perfect-sized paperback!

  • 111mm x 178mm (7″ x 4.37″)
  • 244 pages

Ready to read on any device:

  • PDF format
  • EPUB format
  • Kindle (MOBI) format

22 fascinating stories narrated by Mark Morgan

  • MP3 format
  • 7 hours of narration

You’ll find 11 stories about Old Testament characters including Sarah, an Israelite who crossed the Red Sea with Moses, Zelophehad’s daughters, Elkanah, Obed-edom, Elijah, Jonah, Shaphan the Secretary, Daniel’s parents, Habakkuk the prophet and a man who attended Belshazzar’s feast.

Whether you already know about these characters or not, you’re sure to find details you hadn’t noticed or questions you hadn’t thought about. And it doesn’t stop there: another 11 stories from the New Testament will immerse you in the lives of even more characters whose tales have never made it into more formal histories…

Fiction Favours the Facts – Book 3

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  • 22 micro-tales
  • 3 authors


$4.99 (AUD)

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  • Single ZIP file for download
  • Narrated by Mark Morgan
  • Almost 7 hours duration


$9.00 (AUD)

  • 111x178mm (7″x4.37″)
  • White paper
  • 244 pages
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The release date is only 4 weeks away…



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