Copy editing and proofreading


At Bible Tales Online, we want to bring the events and people of the Bible to life through fact-based fiction.  We try to present the Bible as the only ancient book that truly recounts history.  Yet it is not history alone – the Bible highlights the global need for salvation, which is only available through God and his son Jesus.  So where do copy editing and proofreading fit with these goals?

Copy editing and proofreading

We believe we have a duty to present our stories in the best way possible: through attractive book design, memorable titles, interesting and informative subjects, and storytelling that keeps you turning the pages.

We also aim for excellence in grammar, correct spelling, Biblical accuracy, and consistency in presentation.  English is important to us – although we have to admit that our concentration is on Australian English!

We are not satisfied if any spelling, typesetting or grammatical errors find their way through our checking process.

Our copy editor

Cathy Morgan has contributed powerfully to this goal ever since we first published a book in 2016.

Almost all of our proofreading and copy editing – in both our books and our many website posts – was done by Cathy.

Cathy has a degree in Science from the University of Melbourne and has been doing technical copy editing for more than 15 years.  She started at an early age with proofreading for an international journal of statistics, a job she held for just over 15 years.  She has also provided proofreading and/or copy editing services for other journal articles and theses.  Outside the technical field, she has experience with both fiction and non-fiction books, school newsletters and advertising copy.

All of the books published by Bible Tales bear the stamp of her corrections and helpful suggestions.

If you need someone to do excellent proofreading or copy editing, contact Cathy and she will give you a quote.  She offers different levels of service, from simply proofreading your text through to a full editing service that will strengthen your technical or imaginative writing.  Cathy has a knack for finding inconsistencies, plugging plot holes and verifying bibliographies and references.

Ask her about your proofreading or copy editing task now.

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