Bible Tales Plans

Bible Tales Plans

Last updated Dec 18, 2017 @ 3:54 pm.

We are always writing books, and serials are often in progress.  But we are also planning future releases.

Items on this page will normally include an empty progress bar and some expected milestone dates.

These dates are given in the knowledge that God is in control of our lives and everything else – things do not always work out as we expect.  As far as it is up to us and we continue to live, these dates are important targets.

News of progress and further releases is included in the Bible Tales Thursday Newsletter.  Sign up now and you will hear the news first.  Planned projects listed on this page will not normally be mentioned in the newsletter, but sometimes they are.  Once progress is made, these projects move to the Work in Progress page.

Two planned projects that recently began to progress are:

  • Joseph, Rachel’s son (See the “Other” tab on our Work in Progress page.)
  • Terror on Every Side! Volume 4 – The Darkness Deepens

If you have any more questions about the books and can’t wait to hear answers through the newsletter, please ask through our Contact form.

Projects we're planning...

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Terror on Every Side! Volume 5

Volume 5 – No Remedy: eBook Serial
0% Complete
of 55,000 words
Planned dates: Weekly eBook serial starts December 2018 and weekly audiobook serial starts January 2019. Paperback and eBook release in April 2019. Audiobook release in June 2019.

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