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Bible Tales Online is dedicated to bringing the events and people of the Bible to life through fact-based fiction.

Here at Bible Tales Online we accept the Bible as fact; the events it recounts as history.  However, the Bible includes limited resolution snapshots of the lives it reports, and the events it describes are often painted with very broad brush-stokes indeed.  Much is left to the imagination of the reader.

Bible Tales author Mark Morgan uses imagination to sketch out a possible version of the life and times of some of these historical characters, in the hope that readers can get to know them as real people like us.

They lived in different times, without the modern inventions and expectations that pervade our lives today; and Bible Tales aim to present their lives in warm and authentic detail.  Bible facts blended with imagination to produce exciting stories that are true to God’s word.

The Bible comes first; but it isn’t hard to find exciting stories in the Bible.

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Books are not written overnight, but at Bible Tales Online we keep writing new micro-tales and giving them to you in the Bible Tales Thursday Newsletter, along with breaking news and special offers. Sign up today to enjoy an ongoing ramble through the Bible, exploring the lives of famous and not-so-famous characters through Bible-centred fiction.

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Being a disciple of Jesus controls all aspects of my life including my interests in engineering which I pursue on other websites. Bible Tales Online is a division of WaterSums along with DjangoModelling.com.

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